At Rajan Dental Center, we understand that oral health is crucial to your well-being and general health. We know that healthy teeth, gums and tongue is essential for speech and affect our ability to taste, chew and digest food. We are committed to helping you maintain your oral health as an important part of your general health & wellness. 


RDC is one of Chennai’s best dental clinic for general dentistry. Experience the next level of painless dentistry at our clinic located in a tranquil neighbourhood on ECR away from the bustling city. We are located just 30 minutes from the airport.


Our team provides comprehensive dental care for children & adults.


We provide our international and local clients with the highest standards of care by offering a wide range of treatment options. Our services focus on high end aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry, dental crowns, dental veneers, teeth whitening, root-canal treatment, gum treatment, hygienist services and wisdom tooth removal.

Dr. Archana chose “Rajan Dental Center” to be the name of the clinic to honour her father, the late Dr. B.P. Rajan, President of the Indian Dental Council, Founder of Ragas Dental College & Cabinet Minister. Through the learning from the experiences of those who came before her, and our highly valued patients, Dr. Archana’s vision to the clinic involves working together with her patients to the build the confident smile they deserve using the latest, painless and safest methods. 


At RDC, we are a patient-oriented dental team who believes in making dental health decisions together WITH the patient and not FOR the patient. 


Dr. Archana and her team are here to respond to all your queries and concerns to guide you towards the treatment plans that are most suitable to you.


Your smiles are the reason for our smiles. We look forward to meeting you at Rajan Dental Center where your smile matters




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